Friday, 8 January 2016

CEREC - Advanced Dental Crown Technology

CEREC Single Visit Dental Crowns Clinton MS

CEREC Single Visit Dental Crowns Clinton MS
An Advanced and Easy Solution for Placing a Crown

If you have been annoyed in the past with the process of placing a crown over a damaged
tooth, you will be pleasantly surprised with how CEREC™ has changed the procedure to a one- to two- hour treatment. No kidding! Forget all the trips to the dentist to have a crown restoration. In just one short visit, you can have a perfectly fitting, fully-functioning, beautifully matched crown!

CEREC is a computer-aided designing and milling system that allows your permanent crown to be placed over a damaged tooth in just one visit! Temporaries are no longer necessary. We fabricate the crown right in our office while you wait. With a special camera, a very precise image is taken, from which our doctor designs the crown. CEREC then mills the new "tooth" in just minutes. The restoration is bonded into place – and what could be easier than that?

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