Monday, 30 May 2016

Children's Dentistry

Our Dentists Care for Your Children's Health Just Like Their Pediatrician Does

We want children to have the best dental health to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. As their teeth tend to develop cavities more easily than adults' teeth, we emphasize the importance of proper cleaning every day. Until they develop good habits in caring for their teeth, we encourage parents to participate while they brush and floss.

One of the reasons children develop cavities so easily is because of eating throughout the day, referred to as grazing. Every time food is chewed, acid is produced in the mouth. If teeth are not cleaned properly each day, the acid will continue to bathe the teeth. Sticky plaque develops and eventually hardens into tartar. Once this happens, it is beyond getting the teeth clean with a toothbrush. As more food is eaten, more acid is produced, allowing a greater number of cavities to develop at a faster rate. To combat this problem, we encourage thorough brushing each day, more nutritious food choices, and one application of a dental varnish. These three improvements will greatly guard against the onset of permanent damage that will necessitate a filling or crown.

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