Friday, 16 September 2016

A Full Smile With Dental Implants!

Even One Missing Tooth Can Cause Problems

A missing tooth is a concern because it can escalate into other problems. Even just one missing tooth can affect the surrounding teeth to loosen or shift. The more teeth you have missing, the more it interferes with your chewing capabilities, which may mean you absorb fewer nutrients from your meals. Not having a full smile can give you an aged look, and the resultant bone loss allows facial sagging to also make you look older than you are. Speaking can be embarrassing when pronunciation isn't clear. Weight gain can result when softer, easier to eat foods are consumed more often.

We recommend dental implants for every missing tooth, no matter where the gap is. They look just like real teeth and let you chew every type of food without worry. Once again, you will get the most nutrition from your meals and be able to smile with confidence.

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